Shogun 2: Total War - Rise of the Samurai v.1.1build (4768.314775)(2011/ENG/RUS/Repack by RG Origami)
PC | 2011 | Eng/Rus | Developer : The Creative Assembly | Publisher : SEGA/1C Softklab | 10.4GB
genre : 3D , Real Time Strategy
The middle of the XVI century. Feudal Japan, which once was under the authority of the emperor, is fragmented and divided among many warring clans. In the role of Daimyo the leader of one of them the player to fight, solve diverse business issues and to subtle diplomatic game to achieve the main goal: to end the internecine feuds and unite the country under his command and became the ruler of Japan.
Dopolnenie Dawn of Samurai in recreated a new campaign events that took place 400 years before the Civil War, which lies at the heart of the plot SHOGUN 2. Dawn of Samurai tells about the war Gempei the conflict between the six houses childbirth Taira, the Minamoto and Fujiwara, resulting in the formation of the first shogunate and the establishment of the samurai as the ruling class.

Features :
Nine clans the strengths and weaknesses. Lead one of the nine factions that existed in feudal Japan. Among them the mighty warrior clan Oda and Tokugawa very influential family. Under the strict guidance of your any of the clans will be able to come to power.
The power of eloquence. Daimyo generals, as in the game Rome Total War, will try to inspire their armies to combat exploits. The game has more than 100,000 variants of speech, depending on the nature of the speaker, the location of troops and of the relationship with the enemy.
Siege war. Japanese methods of siege are significantly different from those used by Europeans, and the castle can be a deadly trap. During the siege, and the defenders, and attackers can use the most diverse tactics of warfare.
impregnable fortress. Different types of locks can be improved by strengthening the system of five levels, which means that the attacker would need to use different methods and techniques of siege. The assault and capture of the outer walls of the courtyard the first steps on the path to glory.
Beauty of Japan. Wild severe mountains, beautiful plains and blooming cherry trees thanks to that used in the project area formation of the new system, players will wage battle across the country, radically different landscape.

System Requirements :
Operating System v: Windows XP/Vista/7;
v Processor: Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2,8 GHz;
v Memory: 1 GB (2 GB for Vista / 7);
v Video: Radeon HD 2600 Pro / GeForce 7900 GS;
v free hard disk space: 20.3 GB
Before installing, we recommend disabling antivirus divide by 3 DVD: 1 CD: autorun.inf, Setup.exe, Setup 1.bin Disc 2: Setup 2.bin Disc 3: setup 3 7.bin, Soft


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